Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Great Remodel - Kitchen Deets

This is it. My fourth and final post on the kitchen remodel. It is time for all the juicy details on the products and vendors we used.

We started out meeting with Christ from Pearl Design Group in Bloomingdale, Ill. The experience was awesome. We had met with several other vendors before this, but Christ was the first that I got excited about working with. He really listened to my wants and concerns particularly about wanting seating at the island and came up with the solution to shift the fridge over to give us more space. Genius! 
After much discussion and a visit to the Pearl showroom we landed on a Merillat Classic cabinet. We chose a classic Shaker style, the Portrait w/ 5 piece drawer in maple with a Cotton (white) finish, and decided to go with a two toned approach for the island in Dusk (grayish black) finish. They all come standard with soft closes, and we are really enjoying the added features of a spice rack and pantry with roll out shelves.

Like I shared in my first post, Mike Titone of the Titoni Group Inc did our install and was amazing. He is so professional, reliable and most importantly does beautiful work. He involved us every step of the way so that we could make informed decisions about our kitchen.

For the countertops, we used Frank from Counter Source Design. We debated between granite and quartz, but ended up choosing quartz for its durability and uniform look. Although granite is sometimes perceived as higher end, they are completely comparable. Quartz is actually more expensive in some cases. We chose a ColorQuartz Stone in the 800 series called Oyster Shell. I love the fact that we don't have to keep resealing it like granite, and you can use anything to clean it.
gray quartz

For the sink, we chose a deep, single basin sink, the Eclipse Single Bowl 16 Gauge Sink in stainless steel. This thing is so big, we could bathe both kids in here. We also selected our faucet from Eclipse, the Poseidon in stainless steel.
single bowl sink

The backsplash actually came from Home Depot which was nice because we didn't have to make a trip to a specialty tile store. We really wanted the quartz to be the star of the kitchen so we went with a simple ceramic tile, Daltile Rittenhouse Square White 3" x 6" in white. We chose a gray grout, Polyblend Delorean Gray Non-Sanded Grout, to complement the countertops and add some interest to the plain white tiles.
white subway tile

Lastly, one of my favorite parts of the kitchen and honestly the hardest decision I had to make was the cabinet hardware. After countless hours searching the internet and visiting stores, we selected a mix of the Dakota Round Knob and Dakota Wire Pull from Restoration Hardware. For the white cabinets we used the Soft Iron finish and on the black island we used Rustic Pewter. All the knobs are the 1 1/4" and the pulls are a combination of the 3" and 6".
Restoration Hardware
Dakota Round Knob 1 1/4" in Soft Iron
restoration hardware pull
Dakota Wire Pull 6" in Soft Iron
Restoration Hardware pull
Dakota Wire Pull 3" in Rustic Pewter
Restoration Hardware knob
Dakota Round Knob 1 1/4" in Rustic Pewter
There you have it- our new kitchen. I am so in love. Please let me know if you have anymore questions on the products used in our kitchen or the vendors we worked with. I love to talk about the journey!


  1. Christina, Your kitchen is georgeous! Can you share your wood flooring? Thx, Jill

  2. Jillybean- Our flooring is from Lumber Liquidators. It is Morning Star Bamboo- 9/16" x 5-1/8" Stained Solid Antique Strand Handscraped Bamboo Flooring.

  3. Gorgeous kitchen! We are in the middle of our kitchen reno and it looks very similar to yours. We have been considering the Dakota Wire pulls as well. I know you haven't had them long, but are you happy with them? I'm wondering if the finish will wear well.

  4. Thanks for your comment and to answer your question about the pulls. I love them! The finish looks great and I think will hold up well. They have a really heavy weight to them and also are slightly distressed which I think will help the finish hold up even longer. I am really impressed with them, and they are comparative and even a little cheaper than the big cabinets manufacturers. I hope that helps!

  5. I am considering purchasing the Dakota knobs in rustic pewter. Are they a dark pewter grey in colour? Some of the photos online of them show them to have gold highlights. Thanks!

    1. They are mostly silver/grey but do pull a little yellow/gold, so if you are looking for a true grey these might not be for you.

    2. Thanks so much!

  6. Would you provide a link to the light over your island? I recently purchased a farmhouse dining table and this would look great over the table. Thank you!

  7. I was shopping those same cabinets today and was told the soft close is extra. You said it comes standard. Can you confirm that? Thanks!

    1. They were from the place I bought them. Might be different from distributor to distributor.

  8. Hi,

    I just happened to come across your blog because I have been doing a lot of research on the floor that is in your kitchen. I really, really like the floor. But, there are a lot of mixed reviews about many things (i.e. formaldehyde smell, durability, warping, cupping). So, I keep going back and forth on whether or not I should take that risk. I was wondering how the floor is holding up since you have had it for almost a year. Also, did you install it yourself? If you still feel like you made a good purchase, do you have any recommendations for the installation or care of the floor? Sorry I have so many questions! I just dont have money to waste. Your kitchen is gorgeous though. :)

    1. Rebecca, I don't really have any complaints about our floor. We had an independent contractor install the floors and we haven't had any issues with cupping or warping. We have a humidifier attached to our furnace so that may be helping. I use Bona floor cleaner and a dry mop to clean it. It does have a strong smell after you first install it, but I think you would run into that with any type of hardwood. The odor eventually goes away. You can't really dent this stuff it is so hard, but it does scratch if you drag heavy things across the floor like furniture or bins, but we have a little 15 lb. dog and he doesn't scratch it up.

      I hope all that info helps you make your choice.

    2. Thank you! I really appreciate your response. I have been stressing over this, haha. I just want to know if you are happy with your purchase and if you would buy it again or look for something different. Also, do the scratches look bad/can the be camouflaged, and do you know what type of underlayment you bought? That should be all of my questions. Again, so sorry! But, I really appreciate the response. :)

      Thanks again!

    3. I would definitely buy it again. It is a hand scrapped floor, so it has some distressing that is meant to give it a more worn in/handmade look. So the scratches are not that noticeable to someone who doesn't know where they are. We installed our floor right over the subfloor plywood and vinyl that was in the kitchen. Again, just my opinion. I don't sponsor or endorse the product or anything, but we are happy with it.

  9. Okay. I took a chance and made the purchase. Thank you so much for all of your answers. I am surprised you laid it without any underlayment though...I dont know much, but I thought it was a necessity. Either way, it is good to know that you havent had any problems and you like them enough to buy them again.

  10. Hi Christina,
    Can you tell me about the light above the island in your kitchen remodel? We will be finished with our kitchen remodel once I buy that light and install it.

    Many Thanks,

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