Thursday, March 27, 2014

Officially in Business - Pedestal Table Before & After

While I am super excited to tell you I have completed my hutch upcycle, today is all about this beautiful pedestal table. I was graciously given the opportunity to work on this table as my first commissioned piece. I handed it off to its owner this morning, and she is quite pleased.

annie sloan paint

When starting this project, I must admit I was quite nervous this being the first piece I have painted that wasn't my own, but this little table was just screaming to be white, shabby and chic. The transformation is stunning.

annie sloan old white

farmhouse table

chalk paint table

Learn more about hiring me to transform one of the pieces you already own by clicking on the refinishing services tab at the top of my home page, or you can email me directly at

And check back on Monday to see my completed hutch! It will be worth the wait.


  1. Hello. I have started using Annie Sloan chalk paint, and it's not as easy as it seems on your video tutorials. I have found that 2 coats hasn't given full coverage of the dark wood. I'm using old white. Also it dries so quick that I paint it in sections and then it looks a little like a patchwork. Any tips? Thanks

    1. Hi Taryn,

      Sometime when painting with a light color like Old White over a dark wood can take more than two coats. Remember also that if you are going for a distressed, shabby look you don't want to cover every inch and stitch of wood. Having some wood tones peek through creates that worn look that I love. It does dry fast, so just work as fast as you can and try to not go back over sections that are already dry.

      Also, take a step back every now and then to look at the whole picture. No one is going to be on top of the piece like you are when you are painting it. It can be easy to get caught up on trying to make it perfect from 2 inches away, but really what is important is the overall feel of the piece from a natural angle and perspective. I hope that helps. Don't give up! Sometimes it looks really bad before it starts looking good.

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