Monday, December 8, 2014

Girly Girl Dresser Reveal

I am trying out a new paint today for the reveal of my girly girl dresser for my daughter's room. Robin over at Mother Earth Paints gave me an opportunity to try out her paints, and I was really impressed with the results. Check out the transformation of this Bassett dresser.

pink white painted girly dresser

I will be following up this post with a full review of Mother Earth Paints later this week for anyone interested in hearing what I think about them. In the meantime, feel free to check them out for yourself.

furniture paint

This dresser and its companions, a nightstand and highboy dresser, have been hanging out in my garage since May when I scored them at my neighborhood annual community sale. I got the whole set for $50. My husband was a little perturbed when I showed up with these bad boys in the back of the van, but luckily we were able to tuck them in the garage and still park our cars. 

Originally, I had them on Pretty Distressed in my Shop Furniture section and was hoping to find someone to custom paint them for. At first I was disappointed they weren't selling, but I think they were always meant to be for my daughter. The set is small and perfect for a child's room. And when we found out we were having another baby in late July, operation "big girl room" went into full effect. Now the changing table and crib will be freed up for baby.

Right around the time I finally dug these out to paint, I was contacted by Robin at Mother Earth Paints who wanted to partner with me on my next furniture makeover. Perfect timing! I selected Blush and Vintage from her collection as well as her Natural Beeswax Finish. The result is the perfect shabby chic, girly girl dresser.

I talk to a lot of people who are scared to use an off white like Vintage because they think it will clash with their true white trim. I personally love the contrast between an off white and true white like you see with the bead board in this room. White on white on white can be too matchy, matchy. I think the off white really adds some depth to the piece. So don't be scared to mix off whites and whites in your decorating. As you can see, it works.

pink white baby dresser

I am hoping to finish up the other companion pieces after Christmas and promise to share a reveal of her complete big girl room sometime in the early new year. Then it will be on to baby's room.

Don't forget to check back later this week for my full review of Mother Earth Paints.


  1. This is just beautiful - great job :)

  2. I am very new to chalk painting. Working on my first project. I found your videos very helpful and informative. Especially the distressing and the dark wax, which is scary! I love the 'girly' dresser with the two colors and the light distressing. Thank you for all the information you put out. It is very helpful.

  3. I want to do a "signature" piece for my granddaughters that they can cherish for a long time. Both are very girly and something like this would be perfect for them. I'm hoping to find a highboy that I can convert to something like this. Thanks for your inspirational pieces!

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