Thursday, February 12, 2015

Girly Girl Dresser Companion Piece

Recently, I finished off a dresser for my daughter's big girl room makeover. And now, I have gotten around to refinishing its companion piece, a chest of drawers. I also have a night stand that goes with this set I picked up at a garage sale this summer for $50 that will stay in the garage until we convert her to a full size bed one day.

In case you missed it, here is the girly girl dresser.

As with the first piece, I selected Blush and Vintage from Mother Earth Paints as well as her Natural Beeswax Finish to complete the chest of drawers. You can read up on my thoughts about Mother Earth Paint by checking out my review I wrote back in January.

I know I preached this a lot, but I will never buy new furniture again. It is so much fun to make over these garage sale and flea market finds especially when they are going in my kids rooms. If they get nicked or scratched, it just adds to the charm of the piece. They are kids. Accidents are going to happen, so it helps me let go of my inner Nervous Nelly. Not to mention the cost savings. I have been able to makeover my daughter's room and our new baby's room for a fraction of the cost of my first born's room.


  1. Is refinishing when pregnant safe?

    1. Anyone who is nursing and/or pregnant should consult with their doctor before refinishing furniture. I, personally, discussed it with my doctor, and she gave me the okay. I take extra precautions of painting and applying wax in well venelated rooms or outdoors as well as wear latex gloves and a respirator.

  2. Do a pregnancy safety post!

  3. Love It! Little girls are so special!


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