Thursday, January 14, 2016

Goodwill Dresser Video Tutorial - Part 1

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I am still as in love with my Goodwill Dresser as the day I painted it. Above any other piece, this is the one I get the most questions about, so I decided to divulge my secret on how I created it using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Old White. Get your painting clothes on, roll up your sleeves and get ready to dive in to create your own heavily distressed beauty.

This tutorial will be broken up into three parts and will show you how to create a very heavily distressed piece just like my Goodwil Dresser. Think heavy brush strokes, lots of distressing with sandpaper and lots of dark wax. 

In part one, I show you how to prep and paint the piece and hardware. Make sure you check out the description on YouTube for links to the products I used in this tutorial.

Part two is in the works and should be up on the blog next week. Check back to learn how to distress and clear wax your piece, or you can subscribe to my YouTube channel and you will be able to view part two as soon as it goes live. Happy painting!


  1. I wasn't sure: Did you remove the varnish off of the furniture before you applied the chalk paint? I'm not sure if it's called varnish, but whatever they put on top that makes it smooth. Anyway - Will the chalk paint stick to it w/o sanding that off?

    1. Nope. Chalk Paint is formulated to stick with no stripping or sanding.

  2. Thanks for this Goodwill Dresser Video Tutorial - Part 1. Chalk paint was never so easy before watching this video tutorial.

  3. The only thing she did to prep the piece is clean it with hot water and a wash rag. That's what makes chalk paint so wonderfully easy!

  4. Can u use chalk paint over top of s previously painted piece or do u need ti strip it first?

  5. Great post on how to prep and paint the piece and hardware. By following your video tutorial steps I could succeed. Thanks for this practical video tutorial part-1. Hope for the best next 2 part video tutorial.

  6. My wood has been completely sanded so I'm assuming I need to paint my piece first before the chalk paint?

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