My Annie Sloan Chalk Painting Kit

Here is my attempt at my first video blog. 

1. I say "like" and "um" a lot. 
2. I obsessively touch my face. 
3. I am not looking directly at the camera. 
4. I have the sniffles.

I will work on all these issues for my next video, but I think you will really enjoy the content if you are thinking about dabbling in furniture painting. Don't get overwhelmed with all the items. I bought mine slowly over time. Start small, see if you like painting and build from there.

My Kit

Paint Brush - $14.50
Purdy white bristle brush

Large Wax Brush - $25.00
ChalkPro paint & wax brush

Small Wax Brush - $23
Waxine brush can usually be purchased through your local Annie Sloan stockist

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - $35
Find your local stockist at

Annie Sloan Wax - $25
Find your local stockist at

Sanding Block - $5
3M rubber sanding block

Sand Paper from 220, 150, 100 grit - $4
3M pro grade sand paper

Steel Wool - $4
Homax steel wool, extra fine grade

Cheese cloth - $2
HDX cheese cloth

Paper plates

Plastic spoons

Paint can opener


Painter's tape