Simple Easter Decor

I hate to admit it, but I really don't enjoy decorating for holidays. The thought of storing all that extra stuff that I only use for a couple weeks kind of gives me hives, but after a long, gloomy winter I decided a little spring decor would be good for the soul.

I love this really simple Easter banner and my reclaimed wood cross paired together on my recently refinished dining room hutch. Easter is pretty important around this house and not because of our love for chocolate, but because of the love for our Savior.

This shabby little bunting banner is from Target's Threshold line. A special thank you goes out to my sister-in-law who gifted me this super cute decoration. They currently don't sell it online, so you would have to take a trip to your local store to see if they stock it. If not, I think it would be really easy to make a DIY version with jute, leftover fabric, some fabric paint and stencils versus stitching the letters on.    

My reclaimed wood cross is by artist, Susan Hamner, of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I picked this up in a little local shop in my hometown, Brentwood, Tenn. when I was there for a visit in February. I love the fact that it is made from old historical southern buildings. Makes me feel like I still have a little country in me even though I have completely lost my accent.

So there you go- a breath of spring without feeling overwhelmed by seasonal decor. Does the thought of seasonal decor make you shudder like me or do you embrace it?