Revisiting My DIY Bathroom Update

I was fortunate enough to have my bathroom vanity makeover featured on Hometalk yesterday. In response, I received a lot of questions about the other items featured in the bathroom that I never shared with you, so I wanted to provide you with all the details today.

If you want to learn about the vanity project including the paint color and hardware visit my first bathroom post.

Originally, my plan was to hire an electrician to hang two separate lights over each sink and get two mirrors as well because I couldn't find one large fixture that I liked. Then our furnace went out in the middle of February and blew those plans out the window. So, I went on the hunt for a single light fixture again and landed on the Argenta 5 Light Vanity Light by Z-Lite. While this was a big investment, I saved money in the long run by not having to hire an electrician to split the wiring into two separate fixtures, not to mention, patching up the wall. My husband was able to install this himself without the help of a professional.

If you plan on installing a light yourself, definitely read over the manufacturers instructions carefully. Electricity is no joke. Make sure you are following all the safety instructions required for working with live wires.

Argenta 5 Light Vanity Light by Z-Lite

If I would have know that I would end up using a single light, I probably would have kept the large mirror up, but I had already taken it down to prepare for painting the bathroom, so I had to replace it. I got the mirror and the cute little boxwood plant from HomeGoods for under $50. The crate and jars on the counter came from Hobby Lobby.

For the color of the walls I chose Sherwin-Williams Alpaca. It is a warm neutral that complemented the tile on the floor, shower and tub surround well. This bath is an en suite to our bedroom, so I had to make sure all the colors I selected coordinated with the colors in there. We have really dark espresso furniture and ice blue accents along with walls in Sherwin-Williams Iceberg. That is why I went a little blue on the grey paint I selected for the vanity.

Since I am a big DIY fanatic, I have a great supply of brushes, tape, rollers, sandpaper, etc. that I have built up over the years. These are the actual items I had to buy for the bathroom update:

Vanity Paint $18
Hardware $30
Vanity Light $386 (Unfortunately, this is currently selling for a higher price now.)
Wall Paint $40
Mirror $40
Decor $30

Total Investment:$544

Thank you for all your comments and questions! It was so fun reading them all. I even enjoy reading the criticism on my project. I know my style isn't for everyone, and I can be a little strong in my opinions. It was a reminder to me that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I am fortunate to have all that I do.

And if you haven't ever visited Hometalk, you are missing out. It is a great place to find projects and inspiration for any part of your home or outdoor space. Check it out!

Bathroom Vanity Makeover with Latex Paint

Our master bath has been a pretty big eye sore since we moved in. It is your standard builder grade bathroom with no upgrades. It is going to be a long time before we have the funds to remodel this puppy, so I decided to do my best to make it more to my liking the DIY way.

I was inspired by Heather over at a It's a Pretty Prins Life to paint my vanity with latex paint. For anyone who has hung around this blog for more than a hot second knows, I am obsessed with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and all things distressed, but for this project I was going for a more modern, clean finish to go along with our bedroom. I try to keep this space a little more masculine for the hubby.

I pretty much followed Heather's instructions for the process exactly. I started by taping the walls and counter off. Next, I took my doors and drawers off and sanded everything down with my Dewalt power sander. If you don't own one of these, get one. They are under $100 and worth every penny. I use mine for tons of projects around the house. It saves a lot of time, muscle and vacuums up most of the dust you will create sanding, but I still use protection.  

No dust in these lungs.
I did hand sand some crevices on my doors that my power sander couldn't get to. Then, I wiped everything down with a cloth to get rid of the dust before painting. I am normally a Sherwin Williams fan, but I had a gift card to Home Depot so I picked a SW color and had them mix it at HD. The color I selected was SW 7074 Software, and I chose the Behr Premium Plus Ultra semi-gloss since it is a paint and primer in one. It covered in two coats, and a quart was plenty to get the job done.

I enlisted my hubby's help for the hardware install. He is a lot better with a drill than me. For installing hardware, the Liberty Cabinet and Drawer Installation Template is a must. It helps you get hardware on in a snap. The hardware is from HD as well, Martha Stewart Living Bedford 3" Canopy Cup and 1-1/4" Finial Knob in nickel. These are both sold in the store.

The whole process took about three days. I did a light sanding with a high grit paper (I used 220) in-between coats and gave it a couple days to cure before putting on the hardware. Paint takes around 30 days to cure completely, so if you are worried about it getting dinged up, put a coat of poly on top. I am daring or maybe lazy. No poly for me.

One last before and after. I plan on sharing more details on the mirror, wall paint, and light in another post once I have the DIY bathroom update complete. Right now, I am happy with where it is going.

Do you have a bathroom vanity that could use a little DIY magic? Share them with me.