Gender Neutral Nursery On a Budget Reveal

I have had the most wonderful three months of snuggling and cuddling my new little baby but have decided it is finally time to get back to work. When I last left you, I was preparing my gender neutral nursery for our third kiddo. There is nothing better in my opinion than waiting to find out the gender at the hospital. On a Sunday afternoon in March, we welcomed our precious, little...BOY! Here is a tour of his Little Foxes Nursery.
navy orange light blue nursery

It was such a good idea to prepare the nursery before baby arrived. I made the mistake of not doing this when we had my daughter, and she didn't have a completed room for six months. Let me tell you; it was depressing sitting in an unfinished nursery feeding her every couple of hours. Everything you see in this post was finished and photographed before our precious boy arrived. Here is my inspiration board I started with to get the ball rolling.
Once I finished the room, I thought it leaned a little more masculine, but I decided I could add some feminine touches if we had a girl like flowers or bows on my foxes. Honestly, I had a feeling it was going to be a boy, so I lucked out that I didn't need to make any changes.

I am a very amateur seamstress and made the bedding. I bought the sheet, but I made the skirt, blanket and pillows. If you can thread a machine, you could make a set like this for under $50. The crib is a Walmart special that my daughter used as well. I bought this Baby Mod Modena crib for under $200 three years ago. The price seems to have gone up since then, but it is still a great value.
orange navy crib bedding

I ordered these prints from Etsy and had them printed from an online printing press. The frames are from Hobby Lobby. Total cost for these was under $40.
fox nursery

I found this adorable onesie at Costco. It was in a two pack and under $8 for both of them.

These pomps are a great way to add color to a nursery on the cheap. I used a Martha Stewart tutorial to make these. I also got the tissue paper at Hobby Lobby. They have lots of  colors to choose from in their gift wrapping section. The chair I have used with all my kids. I refinished the night stand on my own, it was another hand-me-down from my daughter's room. I also had a lamp I was going to refinish, but I got the pictured lamp and shade on clearance at Target for under $15. The pillow is from HomeGoods and was under $15, too.
navy nightstand

The hubs and I put this wood plank sign together a couple of weeks before baby arrived. I just love the way it turned out. This is the life verse we chose for baby number three.
verse art

This changing table also belonged to my daughter. It is the South Shore Savannah Collection Table, and I bought it on Amazon. I bought a new changing pad cover to go with it and spray painted the baskets to match since they used to be hot pink. The changing pad rang in at $15 and the spray paint cost me $5. I found the shelf and metal letters at Hobby Lobby for under $40 with the use of my 40% off one item coupon on their app.
little fox nursery

So, there it is. I had a lot a fun putting this room together, and by refinishing and reusing a lot of pieces from my daughter's room I was able to make it happen for under $200! 

Stay tuned because my hubs built me an amazing barn door that I will be featuring on here soon, and I am booking jobs again for the summer. If you have a piece you need refinished, contact me for a quote!

Creating Custom Color with Americana® Decor™Chalky Finish Paint

Sometimes it's hard to find just the right shade for your project. Today, I will be talking about mixing a custom color as well as showing you a new paint, Americana® Decor™ Chalky Finish. This paint requires no stripping or prepping just like other furniture paints I have used before on Pretty Distressed. You can paint right over your existing finish. The most exciting thing about this paint is that it is really easy to find. It is sold on as well as in your local Hobby Lobby and other craft and hardware stores.

Right now, I am in the thick of finishing up my gender neutral nursery before baby arrives in the upcoming month. I am reusing and repurposing most of the items I had for my daughter's nursery to save some money. This little nightstand is the perfect companion to sit next to my oversized plush rocker. I will be spending lots of time in this thing day and night, so it is a must to have a nightstand to hold my water and Amazon Kindle Fire for late night binge watching while I feed baby. Downton Abbey got me through my last baby.

A couple of years back, my mother refinished this sweet little nightstand we found at Target with some spray paint and acrylic paint when I had my daughter. With the pink highlights, I knew this needed a makeover for my little foxes nursery. It is hard to paint something that has nothing wrong with it, but it is also nice to save the cash by repurposing it and not having to buy brand new. This little project only cost me about $20 in paint, and I have a lot left over for future projects.

chalk paint navy

To achieve this navy color I was looking for I had to custom mix a couple of colors. Like I mentioned above, I used Americana® Decor™ Chalky Finish paint in Carbon and Legacy. I am not an expert in color theory, so if you are like me just simply do a internet search on the color you are wanting to achieve and mix away. I recommend doing a color card like you see below and playing with your paint ratio before you mix a whole batch for your piece. Using a heavy card stock works best for creating a color card like this, and you can store it for future use. I use a teaspoon to mix my proportions evenly. For this project, I wanted a deep navy, so I ended up going with the 1:1 ratio on the card.
americana decor chalky finish

Here is what the paint looks like. As I mentioned, you can buy it on,, at Hobby Lobby and some other craft stores. If you click on the images below, you can buy them directly from (I will receive a small percentage from Amazon of this sale if you use these links. See my full disclosure page.) You can also buy Americana® Decor™ waxes and other finishing products as well as brushes. I have my own brushes and used my Annie Sloan Soft Wax that I had on hand, so I can't offer my opinion on those products.

I was really happy with the paint though. I ended up doing around three coats to achieve the coverage I wanted. And while this paint is perfect for creating a shabby, distressed look, I decided to keep it sleek and modern. It is going to look perfect in the nursery which I hope to take you on a tour of soon.

That is my take on Americana® Decor™ Chalky Finish paint. Are you interested in checking it out? Any questions about mixing a custom color? Let me know what you think.

Preparing a Gender Neutral Nursery Part 2 - Little Foxes

As some of you might remember, we are keeping the gender of our baby a surprise until his/her delivery day in April. I learned from the birth of our daughter that taking care of a newborn and trying to finish a nursery is next to impossible, so I will be creating a gender neutral nursery before our baby's arrival.

There have been lots of changes going on at the Muscari house this holiday break. My hard working hubby was able to take two weeks off and nesting was in full effect for our little bundle. My oldest finally graduated to a full size bed, and our soon to be middle child is out of her crib and in a toddler bed. So, this week is all about the baby's room. We got rid of the lilac walls in our spare room and painted it a white neutral from the Sherwin Williams Pottery Barn collection, Pediment. This is the color I have in my foyer and upstairs hallway, and we had enough left over to finish off the room. Decorating on a budget is in full effect. We will also be using the crib, changing table and upholstered chair from my daughter's room.

Last time we talked gender neutral nurseries, I shared with you my Nautical inspired room. While I still love this idea, I have gone in a little bit of different direction and settled on a Little Fox room.
fox nursery

The color scheme is going to be light blue, navy and orange with some natural wood accents. I think this leans a little bit more to the boy side as most gender neutral nurseries do, but I plan on adding some girly accessories if needed.

Like this chandelier:

AF Lighting 8682-4H Naples Mini Chandelier 4 Light Crafted

Or some flower pom poms for over the crib:

navy nursery decorations

Tissue Paper Pom Pom Flower Ball

I will be sewing my own crib bedding, so look for a future post on that. I have narrowed down my fabric choices and should be getting to work on that soon. I will also be painting a nightstand I have in navy- again post to follow. I can't wait to bring this inspiration board to life. I hope you will enjoy the process with me.

Anyone else working on redecorating a room? I feel like the new year always brings lots of inspiration and an inch for some change. I would love to hear about what you are working on.

It's Not Too Late to Update that Outdoor Space and DIY Nautical Pillow

It might seem like summer just started, but the stores are already reducing their outdoor furniture and accessories to make way for those school supplies. If you are thinking of making any upgrades to your patio or deck, now is the time you could really get some sweet savings, and you still have plenty of time to get good use out of them.

In honor of the stores trying to push fall upon us, I thought this would be the perfect time to share my little deck upgrade with you. I am a huge fan of navy, but it totally doesn't fit in with the color scheme of my house. So, when I was looking for a rug and umbrella to spruce up the backyard, I thought it would be the perfect place to showcase some navy and nautical, two of my favs. 

The rug and umbrella are both from the Threshold line at Target. I got them at the beginning of the summer during a 30% off sale. They aren't marked down right now online, but check out your local store. My Target had all patio stuff marked down by at least 15% the last time I was in there. And, I refuse to apologize for my love of chevron. I know some people are totally over it, but I still love it.

Along with my antiqued flower pots, I wanted to do something else crafty for this space. I decided to make my own nautical pillow. I am a sewer, so I made my own pillow. But if sewing isn't your thing, you could paint on any store bought outdoor pillow which should also be marked down right now, too. If you decide to sew your own, make sure you get a pillow made for outdoor use that will resist mold and mildew as well as an outdoor fabric that won't fade from UV rays.

I started off by searching the internet for the perfect anchor. Then, I pasted it into a Word document and played with the size a little bit until it was the perfect fit. Next, I cut that bad boy out. 

After cutting, I taped the anchor to the location I wanted it in and traced it with a fabric marker. The color of your fabric marker doesn't need to match your paint. Go with a light color that will show up enough that you can see it without it being too noticeable. You can cover up the line as you paint.

You will need to use a fabric or all purpose paint, or you can add a fabric paint medium to a paint you already have. I selected Martha Stewart Metallic Acrylic Craft Paint in Citrine Gold which is an all purpose paint. You can find this in store at JoAnn's Fabric.

To finish my anchor, I filled it in completely with the paint and ended up doing three coats. I find it a lot easier to paint free hand than use a real stencil. I always end up getting bleed through and my image ends up looking sloppy. Anybody else have that problem?

Here is the finished product. I like how the navy pillow ties the pergola area in with the dining table, rug, and umbrella. 

I am hoping to finish another pillow soon and maybe put a compass on it or a sailboat perhaps. I also want to incorporate some other nautical items like rope. Any suggestions or fun nautical crafts you can share with me? Are you inspired to spruce up your outdoor space before summer passes us by?