Antique Kitchen Table

One of my favorite things about working with clients are the amazing pieces that come my way that I wouldn't get to paint on my own. Recently, I completed this gorgeous antique table for a client. She is a woman after my own heart, a Craigslist bargain hunter. She practically stole this table from its previous owner. And while the finish was beautiful and in decent shape, it did not fit in with her crisp, clean decor.

We selected Coco from Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint® decorative paint line which is a new color for me, and I must say I am now a big fan. It lightened up the table, but has this great rich, warm feeling to it. Since my client has two toddlers and this is going to serve as her kitchen table, I used Minwax Polycrylic Sealer in Clear Satin for the table top and then Annie Sloan Clear and Dark Wax for the apron and legs.

I didn't have time to haul this puppy into my house and stage it for a proper photo shoot. Fingers crossed its owner will let me shoot the completed set once I finish off the chairs. Her house is amazing, and she has such great style. 

My favorite thing about this table is how the paint really made all the beautiful, detailed carving pop. They just don't make tables like this anymore. It was really hard to give this back. I really fell in love with it.

Check back soon to see the chairs and barstools that are going to coordinate with this set. What do you think of Coco? Are you as big a fan as I am?

Using a Polycrylic Sealer with Chalk Paint®

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Update: I recently filmed a video comparing wax and General Finishes High Performance Top Coat that is comparable to Polycrylic. Check it out. 

I have another client reveal to share with you today. This is the second job I have completed for her, and again she brought me a gorgeous family heirloom. She grew up eating at this table. Now, she gets to gather around it with her own little ones and make some new memories.

painted kitchen table

Like I mentioned, this table has already lived a long life. So, the top was pretty beat up, and its finish was peeling in spots. Normally, I don't sand before painting, but I wanted the paint to go on smoothly since I was using white and it is a table top. I got my

orbital sander

out and used a medium sandpaper, 80 grit, to smooth it out.

The client selected

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Old White

which I know you see a lot of on my site, but it truly goes with anything. It has so much more depth than your average pure white, and also really helps dark wood shine through when you are distressing.

I went back and forth for a couple of days deciding if I would wax the top of the table or use some sort of poly finish. There is a lot of debate out there on the topic, and I think I read every article I could find. After reading, this



Jennifer Rizzo

, I decided since this is a kitchen table going into a home full of toddlers, that a durable polycrylic sealer with a Satin finish would be the way to go.

Here is what I used.

I did three coats, and the key to getting a smooth finish with no streaks is a quality brush. Seriously, spend the extra $3 by only buying a brush in the "best" category or you will not be happy. 

chalk paint

The polycrylic does give a glossier look than wax would, but I was really happy with its clarity- absolutely no yellowing! I did wax the legs of the table and the combination of sealers really worked well. The piece still looks cohesive, and my anxiety level is way lower knowing my client will be using this table multiple times a day. I think I am still "Team Wax," but for really heavy traffic pieces I would promote using a polycrylic sealer.

old white
Painted kitchen table
white kitchen table
white kitchen table

My client sent me a pic of her whole family around the table enjoying a big Father's Day Breakfast yesterday. What a joy overload, seeing something like that makes all the hard work worth it. 

Are there any other Chalk Paint and Poly fans out there? I would love to know are you "Team Wax" or "Team Poly?"

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