Walmart Kitchen Table Makeover

walmart kitchen table

I am so pregnant, but I managed to sneak in one more client job before we welcome this baby to the fold. Today, we will be looking at a makeover I did for a client who just bought her first home. She is looking to make it her own without breaking the bank and wanted to start with this table and benches she got from I know some of you might be skeptical about buying furniture from Walmart, but this set is really well made and all wood at an affordable price. Honestly, it is a great set as is, but she wanted to give it a little more character, so we decided to lighten and distress it up. The result is a cozy, little farmhouse table.
chalk paint kitchen table farmhouse

The top of the table had a great butcher block finish, so we decided not to touch that and just focus on the apron and legs. As with all my client pieces, I used Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan. We went with one of my favorites and a classic, Old White. Followed with lots of distressing with a 150 grit sandpaper and finished off with Annie Sloan Soft Wax in clear. I used a tiny amount of a 1:1 mix of Annie Sloan Soft Wax in dark and clear on the detailing of the legs of both the table and benches to make the aging and distressing look more natural. Cutting the dark wax with clear softens the look as opposed to using it at full strength. I highly recommend this when applying over Old White or your piece may become too muddy.  
annie sloan

annie sloan old white

annie sloan chalk paint farmhouse table

I love the way the detail of the legs pop once you lighten them up. The black hid those beautiful curves. What do you think? Are we crazy for painting a brand new piece? We don't think so!

Girly Girl Dresser Companion Piece

Recently, I finished off a dresser for my daughter's big girl room makeover. And now, I have gotten around to refinishing its companion piece, a chest of drawers. I also have a night stand that goes with this set I picked up at a garage sale this summer for $50 that will stay in the garage until we convert her to a full size bed one day.

In case you missed it, here is the girly girl dresser.

As with the first piece, I selected Blush and Vintage from Mother Earth Paints as well as her Natural Beeswax Finish to complete the chest of drawers. You can read up on my thoughts about Mother Earth Paint by checking out my review I wrote back in January.

I know I preached this a lot, but I will never buy new furniture again. It is so much fun to make over these garage sale and flea market finds especially when they are going in my kids rooms. If they get nicked or scratched, it just adds to the charm of the piece. They are kids. Accidents are going to happen, so it helps me let go of my inner Nervous Nelly. Not to mention the cost savings. I have been able to makeover my daughter's room and our new baby's room for a fraction of the cost of my first born's room.

The Goods on Mother Earth Paints

I recently shared my Girly Girl Dresser makeover for my daughter's room, and I owe you a review of the paint I used, Mother Earth Paints. The owner, Robin, contacted me and asked if I would be interested in trying out her paints and offering my honest opinion on them. Here is the Pretty Distressed low down on Mother Earth Paints.

Mother Earth Paints is based in Kansas City and was created by a former vintage store owner and avid furniture painter who had used her fair share of chalk enhanced/furniture paint. Her dream was to take her favorite properties from each paint she had come across and put them into one "does it all" paint.
pink and white dresser

This water-based, low VOC paint has a sweet smell that is not irritating at all, so you can paint in your home without a problem. I had to do three coats of each color to get the coverage I wanted. Normally, I like to only have to do two coats, but I am still saving time by not having to prime or sand the piece. I also think coverage will depend on what your are painting and your purpose, so one or two coats could work for some. I was impressed by how smooth the paint went on and how little brush strokes I saw. This paint would be perfect for those who are interested in getting a smoother, more polished finish versus a rustic thick look. 

I selected Blush and Vintage for my paint colors. The Blush color ended up drying a little brighter and less pastel than I expected, but I am still happy with the colors. The Vintage color is an off white but not too creamy. It mixes perfectly with a pure white like you see on the bead board in my daughter's room.

Distressing was also a breeze. Mother Earth can be distressed with a wet sponge or sandpaper. I typically work with sandpaper, so I did the same on this piece. This paint is perfect for creating shabby chic pieces, and you only need a light hand to distress.
distressed white pink dresser

To finish off the piece, I used Mother Earth's All Natural Beeswax finish. This product had the biggest difference from other furniture wax I have used. It is made with three simple ingredients: beeswax, olive oil and carnauba wax. It has absolutely no chemical smell at all. The other waxes I have used are so stinky, I use a respirator mask and latex gloves to protect myself. I also found it was easier to get even coverage, and I used way less of this product, too. It creates a really natural looking finish, but I still feel like my paint is well protected.
natural beeswax furniture finish

Robin was kind enough to send me some brushes to try out as well. Both of the brushes are made with 100% natural bristles. They worked perfectly with the paint, and I enjoyed using the flat one for the wax application in tandem with a clean, soft cloth. They are pretty reasonably priced compared to competitor brushes. I have some brushes that cost $60, and these are right up there with them in quality.
affordable chalk paint brush

Mother Earth Paints are sold at independent retailers across the country. You can find your closest retailer by visiting their Retailers section on their Site. If you don't have a retailer near you, Studio 1404 in Kansas City sells the products online. The Mother Earth Paints Site is under going some renovations right now, but should be offering online sales soon. Here is a list of the paint line's offerings and their Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (prices will vary from vendor to vendor): 

Paint Sample jars - 4 oz      $ 8.95
Paint Quart - 32 oz              $34.95  
Satin Topcoat Finish            $17.95              
Beeswax finish - 6 oz          $13.95     
                         -12 oz         $23.95
Metallic waxes                     $11.95
Brushes small                      $14.95  
               med                       $21.95  
               large                      $24.95

I hope you will stop by Mother Earth Paints and check them out. Tell them Pretty Distressed sent you. I had a lot of fun trying them out. Happy painting!

Girly Girl Dresser Reveal

I am trying out a new paint today for the reveal of my girly girl dresser for my daughter's room. Robin over at Mother Earth Paints gave me an opportunity to try out her paints, and I was really impressed with the results. Check out the transformation of this Bassett dresser.

pink white painted girly dresser

I will be following up this post with a full review of Mother Earth Paints later this week for anyone interested in hearing what I think about them. In the meantime, feel free to check them out for yourself.

furniture paint

This dresser and its companions, a nightstand and highboy dresser, have been hanging out in my garage since May when I scored them at my neighborhood annual community sale. I got the whole set for $50. My husband was a little perturbed when I showed up with these bad boys in the back of the van, but luckily we were able to tuck them in the garage and still park our cars. 

Originally, I had them on Pretty Distressed in my Shop Furniture section and was hoping to find someone to custom paint them for. At first I was disappointed they weren't selling, but I think they were always meant to be for my daughter. The set is small and perfect for a child's room. And when we found out we were having another baby in late July, operation "big girl room" went into full effect. Now the changing table and crib will be freed up for baby.

Right around the time I finally dug these out to paint, I was contacted by Robin at Mother Earth Paints who wanted to partner with me on my next furniture makeover. Perfect timing! I selected Blush and Vintage from her collection as well as her Natural Beeswax Finish. The result is the perfect shabby chic, girly girl dresser.

I talk to a lot of people who are scared to use an off white like Vintage because they think it will clash with their true white trim. I personally love the contrast between an off white and true white like you see with the bead board in this room. White on white on white can be too matchy, matchy. I think the off white really adds some depth to the piece. So don't be scared to mix off whites and whites in your decorating. As you can see, it works.

pink white baby dresser

I am hoping to finish up the other companion pieces after Christmas and promise to share a reveal of her complete big girl room sometime in the early new year. Then it will be on to baby's room.

Don't forget to check back later this week for my full review of Mother Earth Paints.

Using a Polycrylic Sealer with Chalk Paint®

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Update: I recently filmed a video comparing wax and General Finishes High Performance Top Coat that is comparable to Polycrylic. Check it out. 

I have another client reveal to share with you today. This is the second job I have completed for her, and again she brought me a gorgeous family heirloom. She grew up eating at this table. Now, she gets to gather around it with her own little ones and make some new memories.

painted kitchen table

Like I mentioned, this table has already lived a long life. So, the top was pretty beat up, and its finish was peeling in spots. Normally, I don't sand before painting, but I wanted the paint to go on smoothly since I was using white and it is a table top. I got my

orbital sander

out and used a medium sandpaper, 80 grit, to smooth it out.

The client selected

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Old White

which I know you see a lot of on my site, but it truly goes with anything. It has so much more depth than your average pure white, and also really helps dark wood shine through when you are distressing.

I went back and forth for a couple of days deciding if I would wax the top of the table or use some sort of poly finish. There is a lot of debate out there on the topic, and I think I read every article I could find. After reading, this



Jennifer Rizzo

, I decided since this is a kitchen table going into a home full of toddlers, that a durable polycrylic sealer with a Satin finish would be the way to go.

Here is what I used.

I did three coats, and the key to getting a smooth finish with no streaks is a quality brush. Seriously, spend the extra $3 by only buying a brush in the "best" category or you will not be happy. 

chalk paint

The polycrylic does give a glossier look than wax would, but I was really happy with its clarity- absolutely no yellowing! I did wax the legs of the table and the combination of sealers really worked well. The piece still looks cohesive, and my anxiety level is way lower knowing my client will be using this table multiple times a day. I think I am still "Team Wax," but for really heavy traffic pieces I would promote using a polycrylic sealer.

old white
Painted kitchen table
white kitchen table
white kitchen table

My client sent me a pic of her whole family around the table enjoying a big Father's Day Breakfast yesterday. What a joy overload, seeing something like that makes all the hard work worth it. 

Are there any other Chalk Paint and Poly fans out there? I would love to know are you "Team Wax" or "Team Poly?"

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