Girly Girl Dresser Companion Piece

Recently, I finished off a dresser for my daughter's big girl room makeover. And now, I have gotten around to refinishing its companion piece, a chest of drawers. I also have a night stand that goes with this set I picked up at a garage sale this summer for $50 that will stay in the garage until we convert her to a full size bed one day.

In case you missed it, here is the girly girl dresser.

As with the first piece, I selected Blush and Vintage from Mother Earth Paints as well as her Natural Beeswax Finish to complete the chest of drawers. You can read up on my thoughts about Mother Earth Paint by checking out my review I wrote back in January.

I know I preached this a lot, but I will never buy new furniture again. It is so much fun to make over these garage sale and flea market finds especially when they are going in my kids rooms. If they get nicked or scratched, it just adds to the charm of the piece. They are kids. Accidents are going to happen, so it helps me let go of my inner Nervous Nelly. Not to mention the cost savings. I have been able to makeover my daughter's room and our new baby's room for a fraction of the cost of my first born's room.

Revisted: Top Five Furniture Picking Tips

I am super busy right now finishing up some pieces for clients, but unfortunately don't have any reveals to share right now. I always get a lot of questions about how I find my non-client pieces, so I wanted to revisit my Top Five Tips for Furniture Picking that I put together back in January. I hope they inspire you to find some pieces of your own to paint.

Let's turn some trash into treasure! So, I recently shared with you my new obsession for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® along with all the cool things I have been refinishing. Well, I have run out of furniture to paint around my house, so I have been out on the hunt for used items around town. Furniture picking for newbies can be intimating, so I have come up with some tips I have learned from my recent hunting trips.

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Top 5 Furniture Picking Tips

1. Have low expectations.

Go into your picking adventures with no expectations of finding something really cool for a great price- or anything at all for that matter. It took me four trips to different Goodwills and salvage stores over the span of a couple of weeks before I found my first worthy piece. I also emailed about 25 people on Craigslist before I was able to secure a sale. When you go in with little expectation of finding something, it makes it that much sweeter when you do.

2. Set a budget.

Select a top price that works for you and stick to it. My goal is to not spend anything over $50 for a large piece like a dresser or hutch and $10 for a night stand or end table. If your goal is to sell pieces, you want to keep your cost low as possible for a better profit. And if it is something for your home, you still don't want to overpay for something you will ultimately be putting a lot of time and resources into.

3. Learn to negotiate.

I am so intimidated by negotiating prices. I would normally just fork over the marked priced, but when it comes to used furniture- consider it a jumping off point. You have nothing to lose by asking for a reduced price. This is what my guru sales hubby calls "the cost of no deal." If the seller lets you walk away, they are missing out on a potential sale. You, on the other hand, can just move onto the next store and next piece. Remember, you hold the power. 

4. Don't get emotional.

This is another hard one for me. I am super sensitive and can get worked up quite easily. Don't fret when you lose out on a piece you really wanted. You don't  want to get caught up and pay more for something than it is worth. There is plenty of used furniture out there to go around.

5. Be selective.

Don't buy just anything. I go for real wood items not composite, plywood, particle board or veneers. Usually, you will be able to tell by sight and touch if the piece is real wood. When in doubt, use the "lift" test. Wood equals heavy. Also, try to imagine what the item will look like painted. Ornate pieces with a lot of detail will work the best. Stay away from modern pieces with straight lines; they won't distressed well. Lastly, check the drawer or back of the item to see who produced it. If you find a Thomasville or Ethan Allen item, snatch it up. These guys have been around for a long time and make quality furniture.  

Look at this beauty I picked up from Goodwill. Check back on Monday to see the reveal of this refinishing project.
I hope you can use these tips the next time you find yourself at a salvage store or flea market. Happy hunting!

Pin-spired: Antiqued Flower Pots Just in Time for Summer

Pinterest strikes again. I was Pin-spired last week to give my old flower pots a makeover just in time for some summer flowers. I learned about using petroleum jelly to distress with spray paint from Holly over at Down to Earth Style. I followed her instructions exactly, so head over to see how it is done. Her project is with a frame but the process is the same no matter what you are painting.

I had a surplus of Aquaphor, so I used that instead going out to the store for petroleum jelly. For the first coat, I sprayed my holders down with some Rust-oleum Metallic Spray Paint in Hammered Black. Once that dried, I spread on my Aquaphor goop in random patches. Then, I sprayed them with Rust-oleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover 2X General Purpose Spray Paint in Heirloom White. I waited for it to dry again. Then, I used a putty knife to scrape off the spots slathered in my goop. I also scraped some random spots with my putty knife for more distressing.

There you go. A quick and easy update completed during one nap time. You got to love that instant gratification. This project is part of my deck makeover I hope to be sharing soon. Are you working on sprucing up any outdoor spaces for summer?

Cottage Inspired Dining Hutch - Before & After

I know I owe you one more video tutorial on dark wax to complete our dresser makeover we have been working on for a couple of weeks now, but I have lots of other things I have been painting that I have been dying to share with you. So today, I am excited to reveal my cottage inspired dining hutch.

paris grey kitchen hutch

This piece is truly amazing. It is a Thomasville and was in such good condition I almost had a hard time painting it...almost. I bought this thing back in January thinking I would use it in my dining room, but as some of you might remember, I had a dining table and hutch fall into my lap in February that belonged to my husband's nana. After I refinished those, I fell in love with them and their history. This beauty then got shoved into my husband's office until our neighborhood garage sale lit a fire under me to finish this baby off, try to sell it and promote Pretty Distressed.

My garage sale looked more like a showcase. I set up a digital frame with all my work loaded onto it complete with my ever favorite before and after shots. Anyone who merely glanced at these pieces got an earful about my blog and love of furniture painting. It was so much fun. Maybe a warmup for a flea market or vintage show? Lots of people left with my Website in hand. Note to self: I really need some business cards. 
My French Linen dresser that is the star of my Chalk Paint video tutorial series sold this weekend, but this gorgeous hutch still needs a home. It is finished in Paris Grey, and I did an Old White dry brush technique on the back of the shelf to give it a really shabby, cottage vibe. Check out my Shop Furniture tab to purchase this piece and see what else I have for sale. 
annie sloan chalk paint

annie sloan paris grey dark wax

annie sloan chalk paint paris grey

For all of you anxiously awaiting completing the Chalk Paint video tutorial series, the last installment will be on Tuesday where we will apply our dark wax. I will be taking Monday off, and I hope you are, too. Until then, have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Video Tutorial #3 - Distressing

chalk paint video tutorial
In today's video, I am talking all about distressing. This step is one of my favorites, so much so I named my blog after it. Distressing really brings out the character of a piece. Instead of looking like something that was sprayed or dipped with some paint, it gives it depth and texture. Check out my tips on how to make your piece pretty distressed. 

We are in the home stretch. I will be talking clear wax and dark wax in the last two videos. Come back next week to see the completed piece.